About Us

First, and foremost, we support our police.  Throughout our web site you will find blue lines meant to show support for the men and women that put their lives on the line every day for our safety and yours.

At Code 4 Arms it is important to us to create a community oriented business that is focused on providing quality firearms, accessories, and personal defense products through our website as well as providing firearms transfers and other services.  We come from a long line of hunters, shooting sports fans, and those that feel the call of the 2A Lifestyle and hope to help carry on those legacies. To that end, we plan to offer training courses in firearms use and safety as well as responsible gun ownership and firearms-based defense.

All of that being said, we also strongly believe that not everyone SHOULD possess and/or carry firearms, and realize that not everyone WANTS to.  Those people should, however, still be provided with the tools and knowledge to protect themselves with other lethal and/or non-lethal means. In support of this we plan to carry a number of defense alternatives such as knives, tasers, batons, etc. and provide adequate training in their selection and use.

“Code 4” is police code for “No Further Assistance Required”.  It is our intention to build this company into THE destination for personal defense hardware and training such that our customers and members can feel confident in their ability to protect themselves, and their families, and honestly say “I’ve got this, NO FURTHER ASSISTANCE REQUIRED!”

Obviously, these goals are aspirational and will take time, energy, and money to attain. So please bear with us as we first start with an online, e-commerce business (which will start rather broadly and gradually become more focused) and add in the training, activities, and, hopefully, a couple of surprises down the road which will help us all come together in a sensible appreciation of personal safety and shooting sports enjoyment.